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The content of our lives are MEMORIES
A packed and rich and busy year 2017 came to its end and we look forward to 2018 !

Time to look back for the memories 2017 braught :

Directly in the beginning of JANUARY some different horses started long journeys to new homes : to Florida, to Massachusetts , to Australia – and all are still very happy and sound .
Favoury ( now named Ferragamo) by Fürstenball – Sir Donnerhall : super successful with his owner and trainer Nicole Tough , he finished finaly the 2017 season as QLD Newcomer Horse Of The Year 2017 .
Skyfall ( aka Decampus ) by Desperados , who developes more and more to a top CDI – Young Horse with his owners and trainers Marc and Sarah Stanuschewski in Florida in 2017 .

And also the fantastic, always golden shining chestnut , a pure Trakehner with a golden heart, soul and Einstein-brain named Hauke (aka Rothmann by Shavalou – Bartholdy ), fantastic featherlight trained upto GP by his former owner Stefanie Hein . He lives now near Boston, enjoys the best care and partnership with his owner and rider Amy Borner – and it was a real pleasure later this year to visite them and find them in wonderful shape together .
End of January our Frieda by Fürstenball – Bretone found her new home near by – and developes with her rider Michelle Ulpts and her trainer Bernd Menke in a stunning way , a pleasure to see this going on .

A good, full booked – to be honest overbooked – clinic with the professional rider and FEI-judge Torleif Siegl, Ankum was held at our barn and after this weekend we started with a good trainingpartnership through the whole year .

Clients from Great Britain and from the United States visited us – and the january turned into FEBRUARY : this month braught most important our longyearfriend Kyra George as an officemanager to the team . We are so happy about this and can not imagin to be with out Kyra here anymore !
And again horses traveled far away from here :
So did Flangan´s Dream by Flangan – Marcus Deak xx to Australia and send so fantastic pictures from time to time !
Our lovely traininghorse since 3 years ,Shangri-La by Sir Donnerhall – Diamond Hit we mentioned for further training to Marie Sybell and enjoyed than a lot together with Shangri-La´s owner Petra Stöver the success upto PSG and later the sale in best, fitting hands .
To have collegues like Sybell is a great thing here in our horse-country , a true luck and we are very thankful for this .It opens a lot of doors and possibilities . We will work on together
Than a first short but intensive journey was also part of this 2017 february :
To Wellington, Florida, than to Boston and back to Europe with a stopp in London for 1 day .
Wellington was intensive and nice, always so good for me to see how the sport developes there, what is needed supportwise by the riders , to meet friends and clients and horses – and see some really good sport – and of course enjoying the sun
Than I fall in love with Boston at my first viste ever there – what a georgeous, historical, inspiring , living city !!! And first time ever I visited my long year friend Jane Karol, an international rider, trainer and horsewoman in a phenomenal way at her wonderful Bear Spot Farm !
It was such a pleasure to be there, surrounded by all these great humans and their horses . It is a magical place with a beautiful spirit. I am very thankful for this all !
Great Britain , the island , took me in : so great hospitality, history, teatimes and great horses and their people . Love it – and found near London Boadicia by Belissimo at the horsecrazy ( in the absolute best way ) Oppenheimer-family . I mentioned this mare to a starting GP-rider directly in England and to see this new combination grewing together and enjoying each other, having big success as well , is such a pleasure for all involved !!!

In MARCH the pretty, beautiful and talented Saltarina by For Romance – Rubinstein left us and traveled to the Alps, really in the south of Germany. There she lives now, was alredy very good at her first shows and climbs up the levels with her very elegant and sensitive rider Nicole Piel .
To the Emsland-area went a Breitling-son, also already very steady and successful through the whole showseason 2017 with his now-owner, trained by the professional Birgit Holz in her super way .Later this year Birgit found a jumper here and trains also his new rider since than very well .
So good, to work together like this
2 good, talented horses went back home after a few month training here and we get back good feedback and nice pictures through the whole year.
Kyra started in this month already the modernisation of our homepage – without her it still would be the old side, what would be a big pitty….
And Kyra started the planning for the renovation of our livingroom and kitchen next to the indoorarena .
Now everyday our guests, clients, friends and riders with mothers, fathers, hubbys , enjoy this place – and we too ,of course  !
Than Lientje Schueler came back to Germany from the USA , first for 2 years . Together with her horses she will stay, train and show here and get as much expieriences as possible .
This is still a big joy to have her here , ride with her and share ideas, discuss questions, try new things and develop each other.
This will go on in 2018 – and than also the very promising youngster Celavijah by Cennin – Laurentio will join Lientjes horsepark .

In APRIL we had nice, funny days with different young students staying here for figuring out how the job as a professional horsetrainer can be .
We enjoyed a really good spring-elite-auction from the Oldenburg Verband at Vechta and found there a very promising horse : Sir Double A by Sandro Hit – Argentinus, in the meantime developed upto 3rd level here .
Our very longyear friend and businesspartner Kerstin Aschenbeck from nearby village Dötlingen and I feel still lucky every day to own this boy together now. We look forward to the 2018-season .
Different clients visited us again, we had been shown several times really good and talented horses and talents in the country here – and one of our first clients from the US came over here to visite us and her future-star Don Cherry by Don Schufro – Sandro Hit . This horse was still here for the basictraining after the purchase in late December 2016 at the winter-auction.
After a few lovely but to short days together, Merrie traveld home with the knowing, that the upcoming GP-horse Dalaran ( aka Klaus) by Damon Hill will follow her asap.
Dalaran , truly well trained over years by his former owner Brianna Burgess, Münster , lives now in sunny California, owned by the always so soft, harmonic and sensitive riding Sonia Assemi . Together with Merries coaching , they reached already very good scores and will enter the ring than for GP in 2018 – such a pleasure !
Edira by Rousseau – Donnerhall than left our stable and traveled to NY . It was a true pleasure to ride and train Edira here for nearly 3 month , always willing, so ridebill and friendly , is this black pearl now on a good way to the mediumclass at the age of 6 .
Our youngsters moved over to the big, free pastures at the Rethberg in nearby Huntlosen .
The pastures are very green, very tasty and sound and the young horses live in herds there .
There is no better way to let them grew up .
We are very lucky to have this opportunity, thank you a lot Isabell Hüppe as owner of this amazing private horsebreeders farm . You give us the best possibilitys –and your barnmanager Gerd Dannemann – a horseperson and former intern. eventingrider – takes the best care ever, with fantastic knowledge , THANK YOU Gerd !

MAY than was really under the signs of the upcoming marrige from our daughter Mirjam and our son in law Kai .
Of course this event had a strong influence now more and more also to our work :
Lots of preparations , lots of different secrets , some of true clean-ups and final-reparations at the barn, the stables, the garden and the house – and we still enjoy some of these marriage-preparations  nearly unbelievable but till june 3rd all was set !
Clients fromCanada, the States and different parts of Germany came visiting , we saw some very interesting horses together, also the first foals were presented by breeders around here – and the first shows braught some nice ribbons in the classes from FirstLevel ( Youngster-A ) upto PSG and all over all only positive impressions for our young horses.
Our mare Happy Cajah by Happy Diamond – Rouletto gave an easy birth to a stunning filly by U-Genius ( = Uthopia – Negro ) , her name is Caja´s Urijah and she is more than we ever hoped for. In 2018 we will do this combination again .

The marriage than from Mirjam & Kai was something like a real dream, a day and a joy what couldn´t been better, more emotional and catching in every way – the memories will stay forever and will bring happiness back our whole lives.
Also the happenings in the weeks and days before, the times and hours with the guests , friends, collegues and family than are forever unforgettable – we can simply say : THANK YOU ALL .

As an late gift after the marriage our next filly Gini´s Emilijah was born, a living elfe from the first minute – she makes us smile every day .
She is by Escolar – Happy Diamond – Rubinstein, our beautiful Happy Gini is a super mom , she really loves it , and she is infoal agin by Escolar for may 2018 .

Our inhouserider ( Bereiterin ) Lorena than left in the first days of june to Italy to spend the summer and fall there at an international jumperstable.
To get expieriences, to see different ways of training, to do some shows in unknown circumstances – to develop all over all .
To let her go was really not easy for all of us here , but she had to catch this chance and nobody is more proud to her than me how she managed it all – and in the meantime we know for what it was good .

JUNE was running than fast day by day . We finally get good hay and haylage from our own rented pastures, Don Cherry travelled to California, and the so beautiful and friendly Fuerstentouch by Fürstenball – Reccio L made it also over the big ocean ,where he now is in current and well training with Faye Dunn, MA .

With our friend and client Lynda from Colorado we spent a full packed, great summerweek with super horses, collegues, top trainers, breeders and lots of fun.
To show Lynda her super pretty and typful black mare Gribaldi´s Laura by Gribaldi – Lauries Crusador xx here in good shape and manor was of course a pleasure – and we enjoy the training with this futurestar a lot. ´Greta ´is now placed in her first shows and will go on with the next classes ( 2nd and 3rd level for young horses ) in 2018.
With clients from GB Lientje and I had an high interesting, busy day in Holland and Belgium than – and took the resumee in the late evening , that there is nothing better than the classical way of dressagetraining. The gymnastic for the horse has it all and we will work on ourselves to become better in being a light and friendly, nearly undisturbing weight on the horseback . Defenetly than our 4-legged partners can and will dance easy .
And one plus more : it needs not a lot of bodystrongness at all- so also the older generations like me and plus can do it . I love this – and over the year I was so lucky to met several riders with many years in their passports , but still so young , so passionated – such a great inspiration for me and otheres !
Finally also our 3rd foal, a beautiful liver chestnut-colt arrived. All went easy and without any problems : Indijahner by Ibiza – Sandrine by Sandro Hit – Rubinstein.
To see how the foals grew up, super supported and educated by their mothers is always a great gift and very heartwarming.
Indijahner grews now up in a nice 4-boys-group near Saarbrücken .
Our fillys got a girlfriend, the very pretty and friendly Raja by San Amour . They stay here at Hemmelsberg over the wintermonth.

June turned into JULY , the work with the horses here was a pleasure, only the days I wished sometimes to be longer – but also the extra-training with the selected group from the Oldenburg –Riders-Association has been really fun over the winter and spring and came now to an end . We had a little trainingshow organized here and enjoyed the developing from the very motivated and talented young riders. To see them showing at our loved Championchip -Show at Rastede at the end of july made us very happy and a bit proud .
A smart, friendly and very elastic 3 year gelding by Antango from Werner Weddehages good breedingprogram , was sold now after the first starting and stressless basictraining to our longyear student Christine Hindenburg : these both are made for each other and it is a pleasure to follow them in the future.
July came than to the last days and we enjoyed a few days with our friend and longyear client Susanne Hamilton from Maine in the States. Susanne braught her very talented and motivated student Isable Akers with her. It was such a pleasure to see this young lady ride and be with the horses. She took home the wonderful Dadiva by Diamond Hit and was very quick supersucessful upto 4th-level. The wintermonth from January to march they will spend in Wellington/Florida , moving up to PSG .
2 more horses Susanne put later on the plane as well : the shining Golden Sunshine, already trained upto 3rd level – and the fantastic Dubai´s Dream , whom a longyear student and professional rider baught full of trust to Susanne only by a few videoclips.
Dubai was later shown here at the Bundeschampionat in Warendorf because he was well qualified and we think it was a good experience for him :
This 3 year old youngster handeled it as a wonderful pro, well trained and shown by his former owner Tanja Fischer and her husband Lukas, ( thank you for that ! ) , it was a real pleasure to watch this performance ! Now Dubai lives in Maine and I met later this year his owner Sara Bradley in person : a reall pleasure too, again great how the horses connect people.

Sometimes also a horse comes back to good old Germany from the States : To us the international high successful, amazing mare Ayscha by Welt Hit II – Rouletto – now starting a second carreer hopefully as a broodmare and in circumstances she can enjoy her live just as a horse on big pastures and open stables. It needed a while till she seattled in – after all the years in the warm sun – but it looks like she enjoys life and her ladygroup a lot now.
A big thank goes to Ayschas owner and longyear rider, the international GP-trainer Shannon Dueck, Loxahatchee , FL , for her trust ! Ayscha will be partnered with the fantastic Elite-stallion For Romance and we all hope than for a sound foal.

At AUGUST 1st 2 new students started the learningprocess here for becoming a “Bereiter” (2-3 years intensive learning with several tests, school and a final test for some weeks in Warendorf, official name : “Pferdewirt, Schwerpunkt Klassische Dressurausbildung “– very German  ).
Emma changed her plans after 3 month , but we had a nice time together . Tom is still super motivated to reach the goal, knowing in the meantime, how intensive and sometimes hard it can be to become a professional – but for him it is part of his life and we are pleased, to have him here.
The WorldChampionchipForYoungHorses than took place at Ermelo in Holland and I was allowed to join and help my fantastic riding collegue Brianna Burgess, Münster and an Austarlian- native in her training at Ermelo.
Brianna showed Mary Hanna´s amazing 6-year old Gerion by Jazz – Don Primero in a superb way, it was exciting, amazing and such a pleasure to watch. The results overhelmed than with a 2nd place in the first round ( great commentated by Christoph Hess ) and the 8th place in the big finals for the 6 year old tophorses in the world!
Again : Congratulations to Gerion, Brianna, Mary and the team behind – congratulations Australia – the future shines chestnut .
Unforgettable days we had .
Just back from Holland the visite from our friend, dressagepro (Gold Medal ) and client Melanie Cerny and her partner Jeff braught some warm summerdays, fun and time together .
Later this year I was allowed to enjoy Melanies hospitality, as always wonderful !
And from Luxembourg Karin Lagrange and her husband came, later they took home the beautiful black boy Finsh by Fabriano to the USA, where they live since years – and also them I was able to met later in the year in a very happy way.
A short trip to Denmark braught me than to Kamma Beirholm´s wonderful barn near Kopenhagen. There the professional rider Martin and his wife Pippa train highquality horses and take the best care for them.
Also the para –sport with horses is under the same roof there in a second indoor established – and to see this was so fantastic and very emotional to me – again : horses make it all possible and connect people.
My deepest respect to this humans and their work all together.
Than our client Claire Manhard , originally from SanDiego, CA, and now studying in Boston, came over for a week to connect with her 4 year old Carolo-Carlos by Catoo, whom she baught earlier this year here.
We had a great week, to work with so talented and willing riders is a gift.
In the meantime Carlos became a full Boston-boy and it is a big pleasure to see these both “youngster” develop together , ideal trained by Jane Karol . Their videos and pictures they send regulary are always such a joy.
At the end of a nice day Claire and I spended in Warendorf at the Bundeschampionate , we figured out :

It is already SEPTEMBER . Now I did my first judging totally on my own in Bekhausen , a well organised and pretty presented beginner-level show . Great motivated, engaed kids, teens and adult riders impressed me , as well as a lot of spectators there .
For sure I will come back next year !
September also let me find a really wonderful mare, Lee Lanao by Laurentio-Rosario, for a known client , and it made and makes me happy to hear that all works well with these both together, the nice picture for Christmas came as a real treat for me later .
Some interesting schoolings I visited – fall came with big steps and fall time is lessontime, also in theory here in the riders world.
Studying, trying and following different horses at different places took some kilometres and hours and was so interesting, I really like it . Breedersplaces, collegues, private owners, students and auctions, different ways to ride and train included : all this teaches so much, is often inspiring, fun , simple a good time in life .

With the arriving from good friends and clients from Florida ,september was over and
OKTOBER begun – we started with an amazing Galashow at the evening before the Vechta Elite-Fall-Auction from the Oldenburg Verband .
To get the knockdown for the unbelievable mare Graziella by Sir Donnerhall – Welt Hit II for Sarah and Marc Stanuschewski , was supergood and unforgettable at all, as well as bringing together the aprooved and lovely Aristo by Olivi – Krack C with Sarah. From the first moment these both clicked and move now to the U25 sport together.
This “bringing together” always is such a big joy or me – and I am also very happy and greatful, that we could together make it possible, that Lientje Schueler agreed with doing all 4 weeks a few days full training directly in Florida with the both young , engaged and talented riders . This is the ice on the cake !
The first show in december later this year than was a big success for Sarah and Aristo: doing the first ever InterII together and ending with 71,6 % – chapeau. The CDI´s in 2018 are waiting .

Than I could fly to Boston again, enjoyed some lessons with wonderful riders at Jane Karol´s Bear Spot Farm – again : what a wonderful place – and was spectator at the first Carl Hester Symposium in the USA : what an event, what a clinic : the master at it´s best, great horses and riders to practise ( my highlight was Jane and Sunshine Tour by Sir Donnerhall : this pair is living harmony and grace ! ! ) , a fantastic audithorium , great dinner with friends and a wonderful house to stay ( thank you Kathy Putnam and Melanie ) – all sourrounded by an unbelievable nature. This trip filled the battaries in many ways.
Back home the next special-training for the Oldenburger Reiterverband started , again with very promising combinations, I look forward to the season in 2018 .
And again clients came from Florida and Massachusetts and I am happy that these ladies steped into our lives, decided for our lovely PSG-mare Ebony by Sibiran Express – Ehrentusch and fly her into the sun. The pics we get from time to time says it all , and I look really forward to my visite at Claudia Tarlov and Meg Steiner in February !
A very nice sale we could do also in october : our Moonlight ( aka Gambler ) is now owned by Sophie Heineking- Schütte and her mother Kareen , who coaches and schools her so talended and passionated daughter so charming , respectful and sensitive in a exampling way.
Sophia shows with her 11 years, what harmony , what riding is , what it can be ! Lucky Moonlight .

The 4 intensive schoolingdays and the final test for becoming an official judge for the basic-riders on shows , I was able to do end of october/beginning
The days at the big ridingschool in Hoya where packed with lessons, interesting, helpful and inspiring again for the upcoming trainings and final test for the next class as a judge ( LPO ) in the second part of 2018 .
And the 1st of November braught finally back our LORENA – with Rex and Guila – ! Full of new learnings, expieriences and tons of will and elan for climbing up the lether in dressagetraining .
The renovating from tackrooms and laundry-room , the tuning by Kyra in garden, next to the outsidearena and in the room , came exactly at the right point of time and helps a lot in the now following dark and often very wet wintermonth .
The than following visite from Nicole Tough and her friend and client Emma Weel from Australia was great at all – even with a lot of typical novemberweather here – these both ladies braught the sunshine and laughters in , we drove a lot on german autobahns, we enjoyed some different, great horses at great different places, visited the CDI**** in Oldenburg ( indoors of course, unusual for Aussiworld ), enjoyed some wonderful meals from the typical season-kitchen in the Oldenburg-country and also some bottles of good wine we had in the evenings, a very good one at the beautiful stud Nymphenburg .
From there later the heartstealing boy Nymphenburgs Filius started his journey to the other side of the world . He is a nearly 6-year old now, by Feedback – Rohdiamant.
I knew and follow this horse since the age of 3 and he fascinates me every time. Can´t wait to see him next march while I am at Nicoles for a clinic !
A daytrip to London – what a great city ! – was than scheduled for Lientje and me- 2 worldclasshorses we saw, watched and rode there, high quality and really trained in the best way . I already look very forward to see them both back in January with clients. Thank you to the owners and riders for their trust .
The visite of the Oldenburg-Stallion-Licening-Days was, like every year of course ,a must.
I had lots of good meets, talks and interesting, controverse and “ letting- me- think- about- all this- again-discussions “ :
If it would come true , that in the future this way of licening for the 2,5 year old youngster is not held and asked for anymore ( same at all other breeders-associations ) , this would be in my op. a big, right step, a big step for responsibility we all have for our horses . To figure out, how we can handle this better is a challenge- but a worthful and good challenge we can bring on the road together.

An ridingaccident end of november changed the plans and normal routine we had so far – and the healingprocess for my right tigh ( upper leg) while need a while , but it could be so much worse .
My family and our small but unbelievable fantastic team and my wonderful friends , made it possible from the beginning, that all goes on super in the stable, with all horses, in the house – simple with everything !
The help, the greatings, flowers, messages and offers for help , we got from the horsecommunity and the horsepeople here in the Oldenburg Country was a big joy – and so helpful on the way to recovery, many, many thanks for all this !

DECEMBER was from the beginning already in Christmas-mood !
When I came home from the hospital, all was beautiful arranged, outside, in the indoor, in the room and in the house – in the stable all on top .
With Lorenas help I could directly start with seeing and testing some horses, also Kerstin and Lientje helped a lot ridingwise ! And so it became possible, that directly on jan 2nd 2018 the beautiful and so smart Davy Jone´s by Dimension will travel to NY, and from there to his new owner Marge . His new home will be BearSpotFarm – lucky boy !
Davy was well trained since he was 2,5 years old by his former owner Marina , coached by her professional trainer Anja Backhus-Theile, also here a big thank for the good partnership in the past and in the future hopefully as well.
And Kerstin and I sold our very talented and so willing , smart dark lady Ronja ( aka Fortuna ) by Founndation – Soprano to one of the best younger GP-riders in Germany : Ann-Kathrin Dornbracht.
To see these both at the first try was already amazing, to follow them in the future is a gift for Kerstin and me !
Different clients, even from the jumperszene , visited us in the last weeks of the year , and so now are already 3 vettings set for the first week in the new year .
New Years Eve was relaxed and quiet ,
and today already 2018 starts with the visite from our good friends Jane and Jason from
GB .We will met all together with Janes trainer Peter Storr at the nice facility from Judy Almeling near Hamburg in a few hours .
We have 6 horses together there and it will be fun to see them together, ride ( not me so far… ) try and share ideas than .
We will start by trailor here soon, Lorena and Tom are just loading our boys Foxtrot by Fidertanz-Riccione and Denver by Don Frederico – Licotus xx .
This is like a journey into the NEW YEAR 2018 – it couldn´t start better …


Viola Abrahams, jan 1st 2018 *